I've realized, that working one on one with someone in the gym is great, but once they leave, they are on their own, and I don't see or hear from that person till the next time they come in to train with me. I thought there must be a better way to help people achieve their goals and dreams just like I have. Then I thought about online coaching, working with people through text, email, phone, FaceTime, staying in touch and helping them through every step of the process. 

My plan is to create a starting point with you, and slowly build towards your goals. Goals can be many different things, from weight loss, to weight gain. For many a goal is competition in various sports and adventures. Everyone is going to have different goals and dreams, and my job is to help you journey down the right path. 

Many people have difficulty with nutrition. Some don't know what to eat, others how much to eat. I can help you with that. Counting calories is great, but its not for everybody. I like to take the appropriate path with my clients so that they can maintain a proper nutrition plan after we have parted. For some it's a very strict approach, counting proteins, fats, and carbs. Others need a more relaxed approach so we look at what and when they eat and worry a little less about the exact amounts. Point is I want to work with people not against them. 

Different goals require different training regimens. A professional fighter will train differently than a body builder. A sprinter will train different from a marathon runner. I realize not everyone wants to go to the gym either, I have the tools and knowledge to make any situation work for you. 

My goal is to help you achieve your goals, using my years of experience and knowledge, I believe I can help anyone from beginners who don't know where or how to start, to professional athletes who are looking to be their best and perform at 100 percent. 

My Story

I grew up playing sports. Hockey, mountain biking, boxing. When I was eighteen I finally found my passion, and that was martial arts! Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do. I fell in love and became obsessed. Started competing, had my first MMA match when I was twenty, then moved to China the very next morning. I spent one year in China teaching english to children and studying a couple different martial arts styles while I was there. Once I moved back home I began competing again, and fought professionally for about five years. Once I stopped competing I began teaching, first classes then one on ones, both for fitness and martial arts self defence and competition. 


When I first started my martial arts journey I was around 230 pounds, and not in very good shape. I trained my butt off, literally, and ended up competing at 170 pounds against some of the top fighters in the country. In 2011 I left the gym to work at a coal mine, and gained some serious weight, finally realized I needed to get back to training and training people, and am now back where I belong. I've battled with weight problems, injuries, and various other hurdles to be where I am today. I just recently passed my black belt exam in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which has been a dream of mine since I started training.

I am certified and qualified. I have many years in the fitness industry and I am looking forward to working with athletes from all walks of life. Let us work together towards your dreams, together we can achieve. Let's enjoy the grind and shine!