Rumble 51

I'm excited for tomorrow's card. I always love our hometown shows, which makes sense since I started fighting on them twelve years ago. I'm currently retired and enjoying coaching and helping the fighters at CMC train and improve.  

This show has some great fighters on it, like Brandt Dewsberry for the main event, and his girlfriend Ali Toly making her debut which I think is pretty awesome. Dylan, Miguel, Elvis, all looking to fight their hearts out. 

Jenn Wolstenholme is making her rumble debut tomorrow too, this will be her second amateur fight. She asked a few months ago if I could help her nutritionally for her fight. She was in a very different situation than the last fighter I helped, Jenn needed to keep her weight up.  


We wanted to have an easy weight cut for Jenn so our goal was to stay about five pounds above weight leading up to fight week, then to bring her down a bit and only have to cut a few pounds in the tub by sweating.  

Our plan worked out great, she actually made weight the night before weighins, was able to have breakfast and coast till weighins. 

I'm very excited for Jenn, she has trained so hard for this fight, and win or lose we will all be very proud of her.

Good luck Jenn! 


Rumble in the cage 51 will be at the Servus soccer centre October 2nd. Which is a Friday! Fights start at 7pm sharp. Hope to see you there.