Fad Dieting

Everyone knows of a diet. We have all heard about the latest and greatest diet. But why is there always a new one to follow? How come they don't stick around? 

People can get great results from following the latest diets. Losing weight quickly is great; plus having more energy and an increase in confidence. However, what happens when we stop the diet and go back to our regular life? Most of us lose our gains or gain back the weight we lost and more. Why is this? It happens because we don't learn good habits and most diets are too hard to maintain. Most people do these diets to lose excess fat; by extreme measures, creating unhealthy calorie deficits, and following strict regimes. Most of these diets are meant for a quick solution, promising quick results. What we are doing is shocking our system and damaging our metabolism, and creating a hormone imbalance; which in the long run does more harm than good. Once we stop the diet, and go back to regular living and eating, we will have more trouble with fat than before because our system is in disarray. This becomes discouraging, we keep trying these diets and are having a difficult time maintaining our progress we have made and it becomes harder and harder over time. 

I believe in sustainability. Healthy choices, smart choices, and enjoying what we eat. Eating whole, natural healthy foods. No GMO's, or processed foods. 

Now there are going to come times when you can't eat healthy, whether it's at a restaurant or on the road, that's ok as long as 95 percent of the time we are eating healthy. Once a week give yourself the pleasure of a treat or guilty meal, but too regularly and you might be holding your self back.  Eventually, after time your cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods will disappear since your body is feeling healthier and is getting the required nutrients from whole foods. Our goal is to create a healthy relationship with food, not to fear what we eat. Food is not the enemy. 

As far as supplements go, I believe athletes and people training rigorously will need to supplement their food intake, and there are proven legal powders and pills to help in this area. These are meant to supplement our nutrition, not replace it though. A protein shake after training is a great way to start refuelling your body, but it must be followed by a balanced meal once we are at home and can eat. There are other legal supplements we can take to help with our training needs, as long as we remember that 90-95 percent of our nutrition should come from whole, natural foods. 

These are my opinions, along with other fitness and nutrition experts, but make sure to do your own research on whatever diet peaks your interest, and don't just blindly follow any fitness trend that comes your way. There's always going to be a new diet, but remember there's a reason why there's always a new one popping up.