Nutrition Challenges. Each month we will work on a new habit. Taking the time to learn these habits will help you eat and stay healthier in the long term. No crash diets, they may work in the short term, but I prefer long term, lasting results. 

Exercise Challenges. Each month will focus on staying active. Each month will vary, how and what we do, with our goal being progress. 

Working Together

Everyone will have access to the Facebook group. Where we can share our progress, through video and chat, helping and encouraging each other towards our goals. We can also share recipes, and ask any questions pertaining to just about anything to do with fitness. I will be posting videos, and answering any questions I can and working with everyone involved. 

How Do I Start

Below is a link to sign up for recurring payments. This way we can work together for as long as you like. No interruptions. The other option is to pay for one month on its own, that way you can see if you like it, and then signup for recurring, or decide that it's not for you. Both options are the same price. 


Here is the link to sign up for a single month trial.